Wardrobe, Dresser, & Armoire Removal Near You

Wardrobe, Dresser, and Armoire disposal & removal can be a difficult and time-consuming process when you try to do-it-yourself. Instead, go with the option that saves you time and energy! Joseph's Junk Removal can help you get rid of any wardrobes, dressers, armoires, old furniture, or other junk without the hassle! 


THE PROBLEM: Do you have piles of trash weighing you down? Whether commercial or residential, Joseph’s Junk Removal can remove all of your clutter easily without having to do any of the labor yourself. We specialize in junk removal, light demolition, and in-house moving. Plus, our team always operates fast and with a smile! 


THE SOLUTION: Are you ready for a removal experience that exceeds your expectations? The Joseph’s Junk Removal team has the training and tools to haul your household junk, office furniture, and other miscellaneous junk away with ease! From dressers, to bed frames, mattresses & box springs, coffee tables to kitchen tables, there’s nothing we can’t remove! All you have to do is point and it’s gone! 


OTHER STUFF: Structures like old sheds, decks, chicken houses, hot tubs, pools, and other small structures get old and need to go! Don’t struggle to remove them yourself. Take the easy route and call the light demolition and removal experts. Joseph’s Junk Removal can solve your junk removal, light demolition, and in-house moving problems. Our solutions are fast and always start and end with a smile. Okay, so maybe you don’t need anything removed. Want heavy items moved around in your house? Let us do the hard work with our in-house moving service. All you have to do is point!

✅ Furniture   

✅ Bicycles  

✅ Carpeting & Rugs 

​✅ Construction Waste & Debris 

✅ Furniture 

✅ Hot Tubs 

✅ Sheds 

✅ Mattresses, Box Springs & Beds 

​✅ Refrigerators, Freezers & Ranges

✅ Junk 

✅ Clothing & Toys 

✅ Playset/Swingset 

✅ Pianos 

✅ Pool Tables 

✅ Office Chairs & Desks

✅ Washers & Dryers 

✅ Televisions & TVs 

✅ Tires & Rubber

✅ Household Trash 

✅ Sofas & Couches

✅ Wardrobes, Dressers, & Armoires 

✅ Yard Waste 

✅ Grills 

✅ Garbage & Refuse 

✅ General Rubbish 

✅ Glass 

✅ Treadmills, Weights, & Exercise Equipment  

✅ Dumpster Alternative 

✅ And Much More!!! 

✅ Office Cleanouts 

✅ Property Cleanouts 

✅ Eviction Cleanouts 

✅ Computers & Notebooks 

✅ Monitors & Displays 

✅ Printers, Scanners & Copiers