Our mission at Joseph's Junk Removal is to serve our customers with integrity by providing premier quality service at affordable prices.  

In the beginning, our story really starts when I was in middle school. With a single mom and four younger siblings, I started a lawn-care business to help support myself. In the following years, I learned how to manage clients, purchase and maintain equipment, brand the business, and most importantly, the value of honest work and a firm handshake. 

As high school approached, I desperately wanted to expand the business..but age was a big limitation (I was 15 at the time). Finally, I partnered with a friend who had a driver’s license and a 15 passenger van. (The van was amazing!) Ultimately, the business model was simple: my friend handled transporation, I handled the clients and marketing, and we worked the jobs together. 

One year later, when I started driving, we parted ways and I bought my dream truck (a red 1986 F-150). Fully equipped with some lawn equipment, a pickup, and plenty of American ambition, I was ready to conquer the world. After several years of landscaping, I realized the potential in junk removal after a client hired me to haul away some items. As demand increased, Joseph's Junk Removal became reality.


After graduating high school, I decided to run Joseph's Junk Removal full time for a semester. After that semester, I never looked back! A year and a half later, Joseph's Junk Removal has grown from 1 crew to 4 crews! Ultimately, our growth and success attributed 110% to our awesome team and awesome clients! And ultimately, all the glory goes to Jesus Christ! 

Meet the Owner

Howdy! I'm Joseph, founder and owner of Joseph's Junk Removal. As an entrepreneur, I know it's crucial to keep life simple, organized, and efficient. A wise man once said, "Clear your stuff. Clear your mind." Here at Joseph's Junk Removal, our mission is to relieve you of any "clutter" so that you can focus on what matters most. I'm so happy you've made it to our website and I'm looking forward to serving you soon!